Sun Kissed

Whether you vacationed in Hawaii or you call Hawaii your home, you probably spent a few hours this summer exploring beaches, lounging by the pool, or jumping off waterfalls.  Your face looks naturally blushed, your hair is sun-kissed, and your shoulders reflect a soft glow… and then you look at the ends of your hair. A few extra hours in the sun can take its toll on those fragile tips. Don’t worry! It’s not too late to try some repair treatments for those ends so you don’t have to lose valuable inches at your next color appointment.

Moroccan Oil heals up those damaged ends and is versatile and reliable. For those of you with lighter hair in both color and texture, use the light version. This version also helps with oily hair. Simply apply one pump of oil to your ends and work it through to the top.  You can do this to wet or dry hair. Apply it to wet hair and top it off with a tiny bit more once you finish styling. For a longer treatment, double up on pumps and throw it in a braid.

hair_conditioners_sun kissed

Davines has a great line of conditioners that will repair your hair without any extra steps.  Momo and Love work great daily as well as for special treatments. Oil Non Oil adds texture and protects the hair by sealing the ends – all without weighing down the hair! Plus, a little goes a long way with all of these products and results are seen quickly, showing noticeable differences on all hair types.

So next time you’re ready for a dip in the pool or fun in the sun, protect those ends with a little oil or conditioner before heading out. Enhance your sun-kissed tan with healthy, beautiful hair!

Happy Sun Days!


Photography by Kenna Reed

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