Your Best Skin

How to get your best skin for the perfect foundation to apply makeup.

It is important to take care of your skin months prior to your wedding or event. Healthy skin is the key to having your makeup look flawless. Blemishes and pimples are natural and easy to cover up. It is common when stressed to have a flare up in your body and your skin becomes a bit compromised, but having an overall healthy base for makeup is the best way to prepare for amazing photos and stunning makeup!
Here are some ideas from our team to prepare your skin for a professional makeup application.

Month Before
Get a facial
Under eye treatments
Exfoliate a couple of times a week
Try new makeup looks on your own to see how your skin responds
Wear makeup on your wedding dress shopping days
Remove your makeup every night

Week Before
(a little tan always looks nice but sunburn never does. It can also raise your temperature causing more sweat and makeup to lift)
Gentle exfoliation every other day
Drink plenty of water
Green juices and smoothies will aid your nutrition allowing for a natural glow
Avoid makeup that may irritate your skin
Healthy clean diet of fruits and veggies
Moisturize morning and night
Clay mask
Under eye collagen pads

Day Of Event
Gently exfoliate in the morning
Moisturize with a cream that has a sunscreen in it SPF 15+

This will provide a polished smooth finish to every makeup application!

While you are doing so well at taking care of your skin, keep it up after your big day! You will thank yourself later!

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