Just to be on the safe side, or at least prepared side we found the ultimate mini kit! It is pretty common for us to be leaving our client’s getting ready session and they are in a panic looking for a safety pin, fashion tape, needle and thread or some other random fix-it item. When it comes down to it, you can’t pack your entire house when you are traveling or getting ready with the girls in a hotel room. That is why we stocked up on Hollywood Fashion Secrets Style Emergency Kit. Yes, Hollywood tape is included along with 13 other “I might need this” items.

The complete list of goodies is right here. We have these on hand at your appointment most likely or you can order in advance for $14.

Hollywood Fashion Tape
Deodorant Removing Sponge
Sewing Kit – Needle, threads, safety pin
1 White Button
1 Black Button
30 Lint Removing Sheets
2 Instant Adhesive Buttons
Stain Removing Wipe
Hypo-allergenic Earring Back
Hair Band
Nail File
Shoe Shine Sponge
Static Guard

Photography by Jeanne Marie – Hawaii Wedding Photographer