Keeping Your Makeup Fresh

How to keep your makeup looking fresh all day

Congratulations! You`re getting married in Hawai`i or having a photoshoot around the island.  Beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, never ending summer and... humidity.
With that said a lot of our clients are worried about their makeup lasting all day. Here we want to share a few tips and facts to 
help your makeup stay in place.

First of all choosing the right products for each client individually is very important. Not everyones skin is effected equally by humidity,so some may need more oil control and others actually benefit from the moisture in the air. For the ones that do need more shine control it is very important to clean, lightly exfoliate, tone and moisturize (oil-free) the skin before applying makeup. These steps help tighten pores and control oil production. Your foundation will glide on smoothly. 

The next and most important step is finding the right primer and foundation. Over the years we have tested an abundance of foundations to really find the one that holds up in our climate. We unanimously agree it is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, MAC, Dior or airbrush foundation! They create a flawless, matte finish which lasts!
(REALLY! We`re obsessed!)
The traditional foundations such as MAC, Double Wear and Dior can be applied with a damp beauty blender for a lighter coverage or with a brush for a full coverage.  For airbrush we use a airbrush gun or compressor to lightly spray the foundation on.  

To effectively avoid shine, the foundation is also set with a setting powder and then we finish with a mist of setting spray.

In our experience there are no touch ups needed throughout the day because of these top of the line foundation options.  The staying power is unbeatable but we do have a few suggestions on what to do or bring just to be extra safe. 

- Keep a travel sized setting spray with you like the Mac Prep and Prime. Just mist your face when needed. Its refreshing and helps your make up stay in place. 

- Blotting Papers! Always dab, never wipe! The papers absorb the excess oil and leave your skin shine free.  We love the Boscia blotting papers on Amazon. 

- Use your finger tips! If you feel like your make up is seperating in certain areas simply use your finger and dab.
  The heat of your fingertip will help blend the existing makeup together again.

So don`t worry! Your makeup will last and look fresh all day and night just as Maxine's did for her sunset shoot with Jenna Lee!  She even kept her makeup on for another sunrise shoot the day after.