The Best Bridesmaids Prepare

As a beauty team we are often in a room full of girls getting everyone ready for someone’s very special day! The bride has picked out her most important friends and family to be by her side. Whether is it is that one best friend or a whole gang we have a few must haves and ideas to help make those hours memorable.

So here are a few of the “must haves” during your prep time.

• Champagne & OJ! Of course you know that if you combine those 2 it is the perfect marriage equalling a Mimosa. We love putting a tropical spin and mixing the champagne with POG, only found in Hawaii.

• Coffee/Tea With the sleepless nights from the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and all the planning a coffee run before getting ready is just a must. Even picking up some individual cold brew and creamers to stock the fridge is the perfect way to prepare for when sleepy sets in.

• Photographer/Designated Photo Taking Friend
We often see our bridal parties on their phone or just enjoying their time together and miss photo ops. Designate a friend who has a good camera or phone to be the one to take the behind the scenes shots. If you are in a setting that struggle with light or have a few extra dollars in your budget hire a photographer to come for an hour. You would be surprised how many good shots a pro can get in an hour. So worth it!!

• A hanger for your wedding dress
The hotel hanger or the dry cleaner’s hanger just doesn’t cut it. We often see brides searching and asking everyone to pass over their “cuter” (barely) hanger. Etsy has a few hangers that will make your dress look pinterest worthy!

• Food!
No one wants a hungry (hangry) bridesmaid or mom on their big day. Most likely you will skip a meal on your wedding day. We suggest fruit, protein bars, trail mix, and pastries that are easy to eat. We have had the occasionally bacon eating bride and would totally say to go for that too! Whatever fills you up for a few hours!

We also have a few ideas that we often hear people are in need of moments before the wedding while they are getting dressed and ready to head out.

• Mints

• Nail Polish Remover

• Toothbrush/Toothpaste

• Deodorant

• Safety pins, needle/ thread

• Scissors- our most borrowed item

• Water bottles (we suggest have a few of the mini water bottles in the car on your way to the wedding)

• Steamer/Iron

We are probably biased but the girl time before the wedding is probably the most cherished of the day. The rest of the day goes so fast. We love how calm and fun the girls are when all of their men aren’t around. It’s like a spa day or girls night out. I think the best gift from a maid of honor would be to really plan this time for the bride by creating a customized beauty time by bringing along some of the favorite drinks, treats and memories.

Cheers to more girl time!


Photography: Moments by Moriel