“Makeup isn't about how good you look after, it's about how good you FEEL.”

MaKall has been in love with the art of makeup since she was 12 years old. She took on her teen years with a bold lipstick on at all times and has never been afraid of eye-catching pigments and unusual makeup looks. In 2020, MaKall made the move from Southern Utah to Las Vegas to chase her dreams of becoming a professional and well-rounded artist. She attended L Makeup Institute where she graduated as Top Valedictorian in June of 2021. MaKall has been freelancing for almost 7 years and loves to get her hands on anything that allows her creativity to run wild. While she loves all things glam, being in Vegas has allowed her to find a true passion in natural beauty makeup that takes into consideration each client's features and enhances them. In the past, she has worked with influencers, brides, pageant queens, concept photographers, and magazine models. She is excited to continue chasing her dreams within the beauty and film industry and to make a long-lasting impression on all those she meets. She plans to continue learning and growing in the makeup industry and hopes to one day become a world-wide celebrity makeup artist and work alongside the world's most successful talents.

She struggles answering the question “what are your hobbies?” because makeup is her hobby! She turned her hobby into passion, and her passion into her career! However, when she’s not doing makeup, you can find her at the gym or snuggled up with her husband and her dog eating treats and watching movies!


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