Is your wedding approaching and you aren’t sure how you will look on your special day? Having a hair and makeup trial is the perfect step to take in preparing for your wedding day look!

Having your hair and makeup done can be really nerve racking especially if you aren’t used to wearing makeup or trying out new looks. It is also fun to get feedback and see what looks will help elevate your daily style into your wedding day look! Each individual sees themselves differently than others see them. This is why a trial is the perfect time to put your mind at ease and see how you feel being all done up. Even natural makeup or wearing a veil can be such a big change. We are so excited to work through this and make sure you are confident on the day of your wedding.

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Here are the answers to our frequently asked questions about trials!

Should I get a trial?

Having a trial is a personal preference. We suggest a makeup trial for anyone who is not used to wearing makeup, is not sure what look they want, or has had a previous bad experience with having their makeup done. There are so many details to a makeup look, so getting an idea of the different options as far as colors, tones, coverage and how it all works on your skin is always beneficial. We suggest a hair trial for anyone who is unsure of how they would like their hair or if your hair is challenging to style. An example of this is if it is fine and does not have a lot of volume or if it does not hold curl well and you want a curled look. We love meeting our brides before the wedding day, and some of our clients choose to do a trial just to meet us and get a few thoughts cleared before the wedding day. If you are on the fence if you need one or not, then you probably should have a trial!

What Happens at a trial?

First, we go over any looks you have in mind and love seeing a photo of your dress and any other elements that might play a part in your look. Next, we go into a detailed consultation on what your overall vision is for your hair and makeup for your wedding day and your hair and makeup concerns. We then create the look you have shared with us as best we can to fit your hair type and features. We ask questions throughout to make sure we are heading in the right direction for you. We do the full makeup and hairstyling so you will have a complete look.

If you have multiple hair and makeup ideas you would like to try, we suggest a multiple looks trial so we block out more time to go over these options. Different hairstyles require different steps in preparation, so we do need additional time to try multiple options. For makeup, we suggest starting lighter on the eye areas and adding on if it seems not bold enough as we can always build up. If you want to try more than one completely different makeup look, it is good to book two trials so you have time to wear each look.

Once we are complete with the look, we take notes, photos and of course listen to any feedback you have. We are always open to suggestions and adjustments to meet your vision!

How Do I Prepare for a trial?

Trial preparation is key to having your trial go smoothly.

1. Start Clean

Please have your skin clean and moisturized. Remove all makeup from the day. Have your hair clean and blow dried. Blow drying the roots helps add volume to your styling. (For anyone with curly hair head over to our post about prep for curly hair).

2. Pick a Calm Time

Schedule the trial at a time that you aren’t stressed and have some extra time after to let your makeup and hair settle in.

3. Bring Accessories

We provide all of the makeup and hair supplies needed to create your complete look. If you have chosen to have an accessory in your hair you may have them on hand. If you are still shopping you can check out our accessory shop here and see if you would like any we have. Let us know and we can bring your favorites along to your trial. You may also bring your veil so you can see your look with your veil too!

4. Find your Inspiration Photos

Have some photos on hand of what you envision for your hair and makeup look. Some of our clients have searched high and low and can’t find exactly what they are looking for. In this case, we will go through a few questions to see what you have in mind and start creating! We have a lot of options on our Instagram highlights! Check out the before and afters, hairstyles and makeup sections. Our reels are great too as you can see what they look like on video! Pinterest of course is a go-to spot for all of the inspirations!

5. Low Key is Best

We suggest keeping the trial intimate as too many opinions can make you feel pressured.

Our biggest tip is be ready to communicate! We meet so many faces and do not get offended so feel free to share any feedback with us. We want you to LOVE your look and we are confident you will!

If you still have questions about a trial, please send us an email. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Can’t wait to meet you!

Photographer: Megan Moura

"I started Reveal because I had a passion to grow a team with diverse skills in hairstyling, makeup and spray tanning. I absolutely love giving people an experience where they feel confident, beautiful and excited for their wedding day or special event. I am so excited that our team has expanded from Hawaii to the mainland."

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