Keep Your Makeup Fresh All Night Long


By: Team Reveal

You aren’t the only one wondering if your makeup will last the whole day! We have three tips to share with you to ensure a long lasting makeup look.


Skin Prep and Consultation

Follow our skin prep guide here to ensure we have a the best canvas to start with. Apply your moisturizer at least 30 minutes before your appointment so it has time to soak into your skin. This helps your foundation to not slip and allows it to set into your skin. Then at your appointment we go through a series of questions in our consultation to make sure we choose the right products for you. Every foundation has different benefits, pros and cons so we can customize what we think is best for your look and skin.

Setting Spray

Setting sprays help lock in your look and block out moisture from affecting your makeup. We have a handful of favorite setting sprays, but MAC prep and prime is highly recommended to take along with you as they have a travel size perfect to pop into your bay for the day. A few sprays to refresh throughout the day goes a long way. Another one of our favorites is One/Size On ‘Til Dawn setting spray for more of a matte finish.

3 Tips

Here are 3 tips we suggest for things you can do on your own to help your makeup last all night long.

1. Keep a travel sized setting spray with you like the Mac Prep and Prime. Just mist your face when needed. Its refreshing and helps your make up stay in place.

2. Blotting Papers! Always dab, never wipe! The papers absorb the excess oil and leave your skin shine free. We love Tatcha Japanese Blotting Papers.

3. Use your finger tips! If you feel like your make up is seperating in certain areas simply use your finger and dab. The heat of your fingertip will help blend the existing makeup together again.

So don`t worry! Your makeup will last and look fresh all day and night just as Maxine’s did for her sunset shoot with Jenna Lee! She even kept her makeup on for another sunrise shoot the day after.

Photographers: Jenna Lee

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