When it comes to achieving that picture-perfect hairstyle for your special day, clip-in extensions can be a game-changer. Don’t count yourself out for a hair style just because you don’t think you have enough hair... You may be surprised to learn how many of those trending styles you see on Pinterest or Tik Tok use extensions! Extensions can help make your hair volume dreams come true!

Many of our clients have never worn extensions before, so we understand you may not know where to start or if you should even consider extensions. You might be unsure whether the style you were looking at will need extensions or if the style can be done with your own hair. We absolutely love working with clip-in extensions! We’re here to chat about the best type of extensions, answer some of your questions, and share our favorite brands of clip-in extensions. 

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When to Use Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are 1-inch clips of hair that can be incorporated into your hair style. They’re typically sold in a set of seven or eight with various lengths and colors. You may be wondering which styles should have clip-in extensions. Clip-in extensions work well for down styles and half up styles to add volume and length. For updos such as full buns or high buns, extensions are the way to go. We also highly recommend extensions for styles with a lot of braids.

We recommend opting for a clip in set of seven or eight clips, rather than a halo or another kind of hair extensions. This allows us to customize the placement and number of clip-ins used based on your unique hairstyle and hair type. There are other ways to create fullness in addition to hair extensions, so it’s not always necessary to have the full set of seven clips in your hair, so no need to worry about if it will look or feel like too much. For updos, we typically use five clips, while down styles may require six to seven. Surprisingly, some have even rocked a stunning down style with just three clips, creating volume at the crown and securing the veil effortlessly.

Our Go-To brands

We have a couple of favorite hair extensions brands that we love to recommend. Our go-to store is The Hair Shop. They have physical stores as well as an online shop. If you do live near one, we highly recommend you check them out in person to see options that would work well for your hair. The next option we love is Rapunzel of Sweden. This is a good online option as they are based out of Europe. These extensions are very lightweight, so we especially recommend Rapunzel of Sweden hair extensions for our blondes clients who just need a little bit extra to work with. 


The best thing to do is chat with your hair stylist in person to see what color or shade would look best. If you don’t have a hair stylist or are going the online route, we have a couple of steps to help you get the right clip-in extensions for yourself for an appointment with Reveal. 

First, start scrolling and pinning! Check out our Pinterest, Instagram, and our look book to find some ideas and inspiration. Save the photos and create a little gallery to share with us. Let us know what you like about each style and what you’re looking for, so that we can see what your goal is and how much fullness and length you are going after. The next step you can do is take a couple pictures of your hair in natural light and share those with us as well. From here, we can let you know if we suggest extensions. If so, we can use the photos of your hair to see the density and color to help match your extensions for you.

If you have any questions about hair extensions and if they are right for you, reach out and we would be happy to discuss this with you.  From voluminous down styles to elegant updos, clip-in hair extensions can really take your look to the next level (and actually look like those styles you see on Pinterest!). 

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